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The Warm Company's Warm Fleece is all new and totally improved! Using the best 100% polyester fibers available in the world (because they're made in the USA!) and state-of-the-art manufacturing, the Warm Company has just set the standard for fleece a lot higher. First you'll notice the softness, then the nice hand, the perfect loft and finally, the care we put into all Warm products. Yes, its back and so much better!

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The soft, polyester fibers enhance sewing, quilting and crafting projects by adding gentle shape, dimension and texture. Warm fleece is ideal for use in projects calling for interlining and padding.

Fuse in Dimension to Sewing, Quilting & Crafting Projects! Fusible Warm Fleece is a quick, easy way to add dimension and loft to projects. The One sided fusible keeps everything together, reducing time spent getting ready to sew or quilt! Sew through fusible Warm Fleece after fusing without worry of gumming your needle. Simply lay the backing fabric over the fusible side and use your iron to create a nice, stable bond.

Fusible Warm Fleece 2 gets you right to the quilting and crafting! Simply sandwich Fusible Warm Fleece 2 between you top and bottom fabrics- fusing all layers together at the same time for a quick, soft, stable bond ready for sewing by hand or machine! The fastest way to hold everything together, giving you more time to get your projects finished!

Fusing Instructions

  • Set your iron based on the fabric material you are fusing (cotton = cotton setting). The Fusible fleece is a heat activated bond - once you iron press, it becomes a permanent bond.
  • If you have Fusible Fleece 2, use a lower heat setting (polyester setting) so you don't fuse both sides at once.   **Tip: After fusing one side, let it cool and set before fusing the other side.
  • Once fused down and set, you may choose to sew through.


Wash & Care Instructions

Warm Fleece won't shrink or lose it shape; staying pliable, even after years of washing. No pre-wash required. Machine washable, dryer safe and dry cleanable - Warm Fleece works well with all kinds of fabrics.

Sizes Available

All varieties of Warm Fleece, Sew-in & Fusible, come in the following sizes:

  • By the yard, 45" width
  • Craft size - 45" X 1 YD

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