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"With Steam-A-Seam 2 nothing is permanent until the final pressing.
If a fabric doesn't work the way I thought, I simply peel off the
Steam-A-Seam and put it on another fabric until I'm really satisfied with
the look. The tacky surface saves
time and fabric and keeps pieces in place until the final pressing."

Gayle Cohen &
Betty Maddock
Little Folk Designs

"By far the best and most convenient fusible web I've found. Cuts down on steps and is much more user friendly. I just love it! I've tried them all and think it's the best."

Dawn Heidegger
Inspired Creations

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Change your mind at any time!

Nothing is permanent until pressed with an iron. If you change your mind about the appliqué fabric you are using, simply peel off Steam-A-Seam and stick it to new fabric.

Since you haven't fused Steam-A-Seam 2 to your applique material, you can remove it from your fabric scraps and use both the excess fabric and Steam-A-Seam for other projects. There is no waste.

Get Stuck on Fabric Fusing again!
Two types of Steam-A-Seam 2 are available, regular and lite. The bond is the same but you may prefer one over the other depending on your project.

Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick has the pressure sensitive on both sides which allows for a temporary hold to both the appliqué material and the background material. You can hold your project vertically and the appliqué pieces stay in place and are still repositionable until fused with an iron. Before fusing, tack your project to a wall or try on a garment to check appliqué placement. You're able to reposition pieces while you're wearing them. Once fused the bond is permanent.

Get more information about Steam-A-Seam 2!
Steam-A-Seam directions
Steam-A-Seam guide
Steam-A-Seam projects


Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick
  • Stick entire appliqué in place before fusing.
  • Try on wearables or pin projects to the wall before fusing to check appliqué placement.
  • Set project aside and come back to it later; pieces won't shift out of place.

Once fused, Steam-A-Seam 2 is washable and dry-cleanable. Unfinished edges won't lift or fray.

If you choose to finish the edges you can sew through the pressed appliqué without gumming up your needle or finish the edges with paint. We do not recommend drying with a dryer sheet.

Steam-A-Seam 2 Double Stick
  • 1/4" x 40 yards
  • 1/2" x 20 yards
  • 5 sheet pack of 9" x 12" pieces
  • By the yard in 12", 18" and 24" widths


I am so glad to read that the product will be available soon! I was so upset with the Pellon product advertised to be "like" Steam a Seam II Lite! I have several applique projects just waiting for the "good" stuff to be available again! Anxiously waiting for SAS so I can work on these projects!


Please tell us when the Steam A Seam 2 in the rolls will be back. I have been checking your website for any word but don't seem to find an answer. I love this product and tried another when I ran out and didn't like it. Please bring this back soon. Thank you.


-Hello! Thank you for checking in. We are working on getting you the latest update during the week of 5/26. As of now we know that we have sent in our paper order to the new suppliers and we are waiting on them to process the large order. Once we have the order on our dock we will have a more exact ETA, but as of now, we are hoping to see Steam-A-Seam back in the fall of this year.

Grace Elizabeth

Can I use Seam a Seam I to reinforce my tissue paper clothing patterns?

- Hi Grace, thank you for your question! Yes, you may use Steam-A-Seam to reinforce fabric; it provides flexible stability when iron pressed.

I tried this product about a year ago and then found out it was unavailable. Please bring this back soon by the yard or roles - I absolutely love it. I tried others but they are terrible and don't compare to the Steam-A-Seam. Please let me know when this product will be a back. Thank you.

there is now product like steam-a-seam 2 love it need some asp.

Gloria de picón
me gusta el producto y me gustaría saber donde lo puedo encontrar en Colombia Bogotá y si puedo recibir correos de información gracia

We NEED this product! There is nothing that really compares to it. Please reinstate this in your product line.

Was looking for this product because it was highly recommended above pellon products, which have used for years and have not been completely satisfied. Why I was looking forward with a new project to use this Lite SAS 2. Please I hope it is soon back on the shelf so I can start my project.

PLEASE...............HURRY WITH THE STEAM A SEAM. I have tried using the "other" products and they fail miserably. I do a lot of applique and there is no other product that compares to Steam A Seam.

I have been using Steam a Seam for my sewing projects and went to get more when I was informed that it is no longer available. Are you going to bring it back anytime soon? The store sold me some product by Pellon which was horrible to work with! It stuck to my fingers and itself more then the fabrics. Please bring it back.

CZ Equus Designs
I have been using steam a seam for a few years now and just found out it is no longer available. PLEASE BRING IT BACK !!! It is by far so superior, easy to work with and finishes jobs with ease and quickness then this Pellon garbage which is a TOTAL DISASTER to work with!!! My order was late due to this inferior Pellon product Please Please get it available soon . Myself and others are anxiously waiting !!

Great stuff! I just found out that this product is not currently available. Fortunately, I had just enough to finish a challenge project. Whew! Please get this back on the market soon.

Great stuff! I just found out that this product is not currently available. Fortunately, I had just enough to finish a challenge project. Whew! Please get this back on the market soon.

I love Steam a Seam Lite 2 and have used it for years. When will it be available again? Nothing else on the market compares.

When my local quilt store told me that Steam-a-seam 2 Lite was not available, I thought they were kidding. No other product will take its place. PLEASE get it back!!

Patsy Heacox
I just taught a Portrait Quilting class. The lucky few who got SSII lite in their kits shared sheets with others - after we found out Pellon Pellon bonding was disastrous! All working with identical fabric - Pellon sheets varied, wouldn't stick to some, puckered some, wouldn't release from paper, one paper side is "waxed" so can't write on it. PLEASE bring back SSII lite. I have 3 more classes scheduled - plus my own work!

Angela M
Steam-A-Seam 2 plays a big roll in my quilting life. I have been a Steam-A-Seam 2 user for quite some time. I buy the product all the time so that I won't be without it. Do you have an update as to when you will have this product on the market again. I have been going through withdrawal because I am almost out and I don't want to use another product.

Sherry Brown
I soooooooooooo miss this product. I\'ve tried the others and nothing comes close. Please hurry and bring back Steam-a-Seam!!!!

It's killing me that Lite SAS 2 is still not available. Please, please, please hurry to get it back on the shelves! This was written January, 2014.

I miss the Steam a Seam 2. I bought the Pellon version and it is just terrible! It is destroying my iron. Please bring the good stuff back soon!


Can you please notify me when this product is available again? Nothing works as well for the appliqued wall hangings I make. I had 1 pkg on hand that I just used up and now find it isn't available as of Jan 1, 2014 and it sounds like it hasn't been available for some time. Help! I need this badly.


-Thank you, we are rushing to have Steam-a-Seam back as soon as we can. We will inform everyone on this email list as well as keep you updated on our Facebook page. Follow us to receive all of our updates

Shirley Foster
After reading the above notes I now realize why I cannot find any Steam a Seam 2 to purchase. I am hoping that it will soon become available again. I love it as it makes life so much easier.

Michele Groth
I love Steam-a-Seam! I have used it for years! I hear it is back out of production. I hope it will be back soon!

Patricia Cummings
Love this product!

I was so excited about finding this video until I read the comments about the manufacturing issue. It is mid November 2013 and was wondering if you can give us a status update. Sincerely, Anxiously Awaiting

Pauline Turner
I love your product but can't find it right now! Please contact me when it is back in somewhere. I need some as soon as possible. Thank you so much.

dana schardein
hope you get back on track with Steam A Seam II. I use it all the time and can not find it anywhere. Love the product..

For years, I have totally relied on this product for endless projects. PLEASE get it back on the market VERY quickly. It's wonderful

Peggy Mislock
I'm writing this note in October 2013. I love Lite Steam a Seam II and have not been able to find any anywhere. Anything listed on line is outrageously priced which leaves to believe there isn't any stock anyway. I've tried Pellon's version but it is just plain awful…their lite version is very stiff when finished and Misty Fuse is so fine and flyaway…it's very difficult to work with and bits of it get stuck every where. I sincerely hope you are back in production again soon as I have a bunch of Edyta Sitar's quilts to make and your product is by far the best for applique.


I have noticed that Joanns is no longer selling Steam a Seam and are now carrying a different brand! Are they going to start carrying it again in the future?


- Thank you for your post. I'm sorry for the bad news, but Steam-A-Seam will be hard to find for awhile. We decided to stop production on the entire Steam-A-Seam product line until we can resolve all the issues. It would be difficult to fix if we continue to place and manage back orders. You may contact us directly if you'd like to discuss this further @ 800-234-9276. Thank you!

I LOVE this product! I use the steam a seam lite 2 roll. When will this become available again? I have had to remove most of the items in my shop because I can no longer make them without your product. Please let me know when I can buy this amazing again!

Kay McFarland

I love steam a seam, I do a lot of McKenna Ryan quilt patterns and it works great! I want to do a baby quilt using Minky fabric, can you use steam a seam with this fabric or will it melt because it is a synthetic?

-Thank you for your post! I'm sorry, but Steam-a-seam doesn't work well with minki because of the texture. Use a basting spray for best results.

anne seacrist

I am a quilt artist and a book artist. I want to use SS2 in my bookmaking. Do you know if it is archival? (acid free)


-Yes, All Steam-A-Seam products are acid free. Thank you!


I bought a large roll of Steam a Seam 2 from Joann's a few months ago. I honestly thought it was Lite Seam A Seam 2. Now I'm not sure if it's something I can use for my applique work. What's the difference between the 2? Looking forward to the product being back in the stores.

 -Thank you! The difference between the Lite and the Regular is the weight when it's fused. The Regular is more stiff and hard when fused, making it ideal for thick and heavy fabrics. However if you are working with light fabrics such as cotton, we recommend the Lite Steam-a-Seam. When fused, the Lite version does not get stiff or rigid.


I have truly enjoyed using your product. However, I am in the process of making a quilt, that requires a large area to be appliqued, and I know that you sell it or at least did in rolls instead of just sheets. I hope the product will soon be available in one of these three stores, the only places I have to shop and know that I have purchased your product in these stores, Hobby Lobby, JoAnn's and Hancocks.


-The Warm Company will continue to produce the same sizes of all Steam-a-Seam products and pricing will also stay the same. Thank you!


I do a lot of fusible web for my projects. I am wondering when the Steam n Seam Lite and Steam a Seam be coming out. It has been too long since I have ordered from a retailer on May 22 and I am wondering when it will be ready for us.

 -Thank you so much for your patience and for sticking with us. We have the new release paper and Steam-a-Seam has been back in production for the last few weeks. We have been running material around the clock, however, we are grossly back-ordered and we're fulfilling all the orders in chronological order. It's just a matter of time now before it becomes readily available. I can only estimate by the end of July that all will be back to normal. Thank you!


I love working with this product! Do you know when I will be able to find it in stores again?

Thank you, Brian! We should be back to normal some time this month. Sorry I can't give you an exact date. Thank you so much for your patience!


I love using this product steam a seam 2. I am very sad though because I am having trouble finding it. I would always buy it a Joanns but not anymore. Try to order it online but it is out of stock. Is there any reason why? Are they going to stop producing it?

- Thank you for your post! We did run into a manufacturing issue, however, we took the opportunity to make improvements to the Steam-a-Seam products. It will still be the same fusible web you know and love, the only difference will be the paper. We worked with a paper manufacturer and created a new paper that works well with our fusible web and the pressure sensitive adhesive. With the Steam-a-Seam double sided web, lite and regular, we had manufacturing issues with delamination and inconsistent tackiness. This will be a thing of the past now and you would even be able to keep unused scraps- now you can stick the release paper back on to conserve the product's tack. A new page will be made available on our website for more information. Please check back with us soon! 

milena araya


"We do not recommend using a fabric softener, sheet or liquid." Can you please tell me if this will remove an excess ring around an oval applique (cut wrong and ironed to minky fabric) or will it make it worse?


- Thank you for you're question! There is a component in fabric softener that deteriorates the adhesive bond in Steam-A-Seam. If you are looking to remove the ring without harming the project, try rubbing a dryer sheet directly on the fused area. You can also try throwing it in the wash with liquid fabric softener and dry it with 10-12 dryer sheets. However, if you have other appliques on your project that you are happy with, I suggest sewing those down first. 

Evelyn Evers
Love working with steam-a-seam 2. Am presently teaching Block of Month project at our Guild and am encouraging the girls to use it. Have one suggestion: could the throw away piece of paper be coloured or lined, so its easier to know which side you should be tracing your pattern pieces on, and which one is the throw away. It would be so much easier for teaching purposes. I got a free sample once, and your company name was printed on the throw away paper .. much more convenient. Great product. Really like it.

donna yeaman
I love your products. I use only your products in my quilts and other crafts. They are FANTASTIC

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