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New! Available for a limited time only!

Luxury Loft 100% Natural Cotton Batting

Warm & Plush is our softest batting yet! 6oz per SQ YD of 100% pre-cleaned, needle punched cotton! A thicker, plusher Warm & Natural ~ try Warm & Plush today!

The Warm Company is pleased to introduce quilters to a new friend - Warm & Plush! Warm & Plush is the warmest natural batting ever manufactured - no scrim, just 50% more soft, warm cotton! In keeping with the traits we love in our oldest and most trusted friend, Warm & Natural, Warm & Plush gives quilts perfect drape while being consistent and reliable in all types of quilting, crafting and sewing situations.

The added weight is comfortable and ideal for those loved ones who can never seem to get warm. The natural, ultra clean 100% cotton remains soft and pliable, whether quilting is close or up to 6" apart. You'll appreciate how the top and backing fabrics cling to Warm & Plush while the tension is perfect for floating in quilt frames.

Whether you decide to simply stitch in the ditch, tie or free motion quilt, Warm & Plush delivers a blissful quilting experience and provides a durable foundation, necessary for long lasting relationships. Warm & Natural is the quilter's BFF and Warm & Plush is your newest old friend!

The Benefits of Needlepunch

  • Will Not Separate or Bunch
  • Contains No Glues or Resins
  • Will Not Beard - Shift or Migrate
  • Quilt or Tie Leaving Up To 6"Open
  • Once Quilted, Machine Wash & Dry

Optional Pre-Wash Instructions

  1. Hand Wash mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in washer.
  2. Soak for 20 minutes, rinse several times.
  3. Squeeze out water. Do not wring. Rolling in a towel helps.
  4. Dry in a warm dryer or lay flat to air dry.

Available Sizes

  • By The Yard - 90", 45" & 22" Widths
  • Queen Size Cut - 90" X 108"
  • Baby Size Cut - 45" X 60"

 *Available for purchase online at,, Quilting-Warehouse and

*Can be used with any project that calls for 100% heavy cotton batting

Anne Dunn
I LOVE this product! I have used it for my first grandchild's baby quilt. I hand quilted it. It was great to work with and the finished product is GREAT. I hope that it gets included in your product line.

Kathleen S.
I too received a very generous sample of this batting from The Warm Company and now it is my new favorite! The best price I found was at Amazon by the seller, Supermart. $152.00 for a 25 yard bolt with free S & H. Supply is always limited so you have to check almost daily. Queen sized cuts are available there too. Please don't discontinue this quality batting Warm Company.

Anna in IL
Looking forward to giving this a try...Hoping you decide to continue to offer this as it sounds like it will fill a need that I and many other quilters have.

I ordered a baby size Warm & Plush to see if it will meet my criteria; ease of machine quilting, a little more loft than Warm & Natural, no bearding and not to heavy. If so, I plan to order a bolt. I ordered from Create For Less.

Rose Rule
Never have used the Warm & Plush till today. I have always used Warm & Natural, and have also loved it, but this is now my favorite! A customer brought it with a quilt I quilted for her on my longarm. I loved it!!! Will it be available in the large rolls? If so, I would love to order a roll.

Please, please, please keep Warm&Plush available. This is such a wonderful batting and I would love to use it for lots and lots of quilts.

Marilyn Fowlie-Neufeld

I am having trouble finding this in Saskatoon Canada. I would like to make a winter quilt for Canadian conditions. Is it available for order from a Canadian website?

Hi Marilyn, Thank you for your visit! We have a few distributors in Canada that supply Wal-Mart and Lens Mill Store with our product. If you can't find in store, you may be able to request Warm & Plush with the fabric dept.

Please keep this batting. I am making a Star Trek quilt for my son. I tested: Hobb's, Quilter's Dream, Matilda's Own, and many other battings. I tested the Wool, Silk and cotton in each brand. My Criteria was: No bearding, Soft, Breathable (Natural), Washer/Dryer safe, and have a very nice/soft excellent drape. Cost didn't matter as it was special for my Son. I almost gave up. No bearding and a soft drape were very important as I was using black, Bright and White colors, and I love a soft drape. I almost gave up until I found WARM & PLUSH. I Love it! It Quilts beautifully! PLEASE KEEP THIS PRODUCT! I buy 3 batts a month, and I will buy this over and over again!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Please keep this batting available! It is my new favorite. It is just slightly thicker than the Warm and Natural and has a very nice weight and drape! It's perfect!!

I so WANT this for my grand-daughters quilt that I am still putting together! she loves snuggling under quilts and heads for my quilts as soon as she comes in the house. KEEP, KEEP this product!!! I love all of your batting, but this sounds like as close to heaven as I can get.....


Why is it available for a limited time only? If I like it, does that mean I need to stock-pile it now before it disappears?


Hello Linda, Thank you for your post! This is a trial period to test how the products does in the market. If the product gets great reviews, we are likely to keep Warm & Plush as a stock product.

Shirley Barrow

I am anxious to try this product. How long will it be available and will it be available from your website?

-Thank you for your post! Warm & Plush is in a trial period. If we receive positive reviews we may decide to keep Warm & Plush as a regular stock product. We have been getting many positive reviews so far. We are a wholesale company and are not able to sell directly to consumers but you may purchase Warm & Plush online at the websites listed on the Warm & Plush page.

Louise R.
I recently received a generous sample of Warm & Plush from The Warm Company. It is wonderful! Thick, soft, very easy to work with. It takes a crisp cut with either scissors or rotary cutter. I'm using it as "next generation" Warm Tater for my microwave projects as well as regular potholders. Excellent product.

Dana T.

Is Warm &Plush microwave safe (like Warm Tater was?)

 -Most microwave project patterns call for 100% cotton batting, which is what Warm & Plush and Warm Tater batting is. However please use caution when using in microwave projects as cotton is not fire retardant. Please see our FAQs page for more information.


Is Warm and Plush idea for hand quilting? I am looking for the heaviest cotton batting I can use for hand quilting.


-Thank you for your post! Yes, Warm & Plush is easy to hand quilt because it contains no scrim. You will find that your stitches will pop and your finished quilt will have a beautiful drape.

Ron Wells

Do you still make the warm tater batting? Or is its replacement?


Thank you for posting! Yes, Warm & Plush is made the same way as Warm Tater. Warm & Plush was made as its replacement with a few changes: it uses ultra-clean cotton (mechanically picked clean of leaf & steam remnants from cotton plant) and is a little thicker. Just like Warm Tater, Warm & Plush is made without glues, resins or chemicals.

Cindy Riipinen

I was wondering where I could by Warm & Plush by the bolt?


Hello Cindy, thank you for your post! Warm & Plush is still being introduced into the market. If your quilt shop purchases Warm Products, you may be able to make a request through them. You may also find Warm & Plush online at and

elizabeth harris
where is it available online?

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