The Warm Company

Environmentally Friendly Feels Silky Soft
The Warm Company is proud to introduce Warm & Safe Environmentally Friendly Naturally Fire Retardant Quilt Batting. We've selected a remarkable, new patented fiber that is manufactured in a GREEN facility using a cellulose process. This revolutionary fiber starts as a sustainable, quick growing plantation trees (not competing with food supplies) and it is bio-degradable. The Warm Company processes the fiber using state of the art needle-punch technology without glues or resin giving Warm & Safe a soft hand, breathable warmth and all of the attributes quilters have come to expect from Warm Company battings.


Warm & Safe is inherently and permanently fire retardant. By design, the fiber has a high silica content making the fire retardant properties built in from the start.

Warm & Safe will not melt, flow or emit toxic gases when exposed to heat and flame. Since Warm & Safe's fire retardant is inherent, it is non-toxic, non allergenic and chemical free.

Quilt Up To 6" Apart
Machine Wash, Dry and Dry-clean
Perfect Resilient Loft - Even and Stable
Naturally Fire Retardant - No PBDE's
Environmentally Friendly - Biodegradable
Non Toxic and Non Allergenic
Made with Sustainable Plantation Wood - Economical
Available on the Bolt in 90" and 45" widths
& 45” x 60” Crib Size
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