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You asked us for a white cotton batting that was just like Warm & Natural. Well, we were listening! Whitened cotton fibers are processed through the same needlepunch technology as Warm & Natural.

Now you can stop dreaming of what you would do with a white Warm & Natural and get to work. Break out all of those light colored fabrics! Your batting won't peek through your delicate whites or beautiful pastel hues.

Warm & White also brings frosty snowmen, radiant angels and gleaming polar bears to life. A whole new world of color has opened simply because we took the color out of Warm & Natural.

The adventure is just beginning. Whether you want a brilliant snowy outside or an inside that will not peek through, Warm & White will deliver.

As you would expect, Warm & White shares the same characteristics that you love about Warm & Natural:

  • Will not separate or bunch
  • Contains no glue or resins
  • Quilt or tie up to 10" apart
  • Will not beard
  • Fabric naturally clings to batting
  • Gives an antique look
  • Keeps its shape wash after wash
  • Ideal for any creative project

The soft, natural cotton goes through a gentle mechanical cleaning to pick out cotton plant and seed remnants. The tiny plant particles that remain lend a special look to crafts when used as an exterior fabric and will not damage your fabric when used in your quilt. Shrinkage will be about 3% with your first washing. Many quilters prefer not to pre-wash to achieve the unique effect created by the slight shrinkage of the batting when the completed quilt is washed. Please follow these directions if you wish to pre-wash your batt:
  1. Hand wash in a basin or tub with a mild detergent. Do not agitate or spin in your washing machine.
  2. Soak for 20 minutes, then rinse several times.
  3. Squeeze water out. Rolling in a towel will help to remove excess water.
  4. Dry in a cool or warm dryer or allow to dry flat.
Once quilted Warm & White cotton batting can be machine washed again and again without fear of separation or bunching.

100% cotton fibers are punched with hundreds of needles into a strong, thin base material called a "scrim" to prevent tearing, shifting or migration.

The needling process holds the fibers together without glue or resins. The evenly layered fibers stay in place inside your quilt even with generations of washings.

Warm & White is available in 34", 45", 90", and 124" widths by the yard. It is also available in the following cut sizes:
  • King Size 124" x 120"
  • Queen Size 90" x 108"
  • Full Size 90" x 96"
  • Twin Size 72" x 90"
  • Baby Size 45" x 60"
  • Craft Size 34" x 45"

Jodie Land
I love your Warm & Natural, but recently switched to Warm & White because I love bright fabrics and it keeps them bright. Excellent products because I know they will be comfy and no worries about bunching or lumps. Thank you


I love warm & white. Can I use it in the microwave, or do I have to use warm tater?

- Hi Sheila! Thank you for your post!

Warm & White is not recommended for use in the microwave. This product contains a synthetic scrim that stabilizes the cotton fibers and we have not tested how this would react in the microwave. You may use any batting that is 100% cotton like our Warm & Plush.

I’m sorry to say that we have discontinued our Warm Tater product, however Warm & Plush is taking its place – it is a batting that is made the same way as Warm Tater, 100% cotton, except uses ultra-clean cotton.

For more information on Warm & Plush, visit here:

There are several precautions you must take when using microwave projects like the potato bag which we go over on our website:

Always be sure there is moisture in the bag and that it is properly rotated during cook time. Do not leave it unattended. Please call us toll free (800)234-9276 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!


Warm & White is a wonderful product. The ladies in our quilting class use it for all their quilts. Whether hand tying, machine quilting, hand quilting or sending off to the long-arm quilter. If you haven't given it a try please do. Thanks Warm Company

I just got my first warm white after looking at all the polyester battings. It is amazing! My dogs loved it so much they would lay on top of the batting while I was prepping my quilt. Will buy again!

I\'m a long-armer and I am very pleased to use your warm and white; always have it on hand for my customers.

I use warm and white every time, it is so soft, it is easy to layer and does not have those slug bumps that other batting has. I love using warm and white! Washes and dries well too.

katie sanders
I recently tried your batting. I found it to be the best that I have used.

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