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"I have found Warm Window
insulating shades reduce the
outside noise"
Jackie Trute
Ravenna, MI

"When it's 30 below zero here in Montana, I can sit next to the window and not freeze. Warm Window is worth its weight in gold."
Lois DeFord
Helena, MT

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Shades of Comfort
Warm Window shades combine fashion and function while considering your needs for comfort, style and energy savings. These shades dramatically reduce heat loss through windows making any room comfortable and cozy all year long.

When closed, Warm Window shades darken rooms during the day making any room ideal for daytime sleeping. The insulating capacity also reduces noise pollution from outside sources.


Shades of Style
You can combine Warm Window with a decorator cover fabric to compliment, contrast or match your decor.

Whether you prefer the soft folds of a hobbled shade, the full lush look of a balloon shade or the easy operation of a side-draw shade, Warm Window will enhance the appearance of any room. Your decorating possibilities multiply by adding other window treatments such as draperies, cornices, valances, swags or shutters.

How is it available?
You can make Warm Window shades yourself or have them custom made for you. Use the worksheet and hardware guide to help you measure your window, determine your finished shade size and generate a shopping list for making the shades on your own.

5 NEW Cordless Warm Window Insulated Shades & Draperies!

The Basic Warm Window Shade
The Butterfly & Stage Coach
The Side Draw
The Smock
The Tab
Skylight Instructions

Warm Window measuring and mounting instructions: Cozy

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How it works

Making Your Existing Warm Window Roman Shades Safe
If you have existing Warm Window Roman Shades in your home that you would like to continue to use safely, the Window Coverings Safety Council is offering a retro fit kit that will allow you to do just that.  Please visit: to order your free kits today.  Check out this link to see how easy it is to use the retro fit kit.
How to make your Retrofit Warm Window

 Available in Ivory color only. Sold by the yard in 54" width.

68 degrees in the house, 42 degrees between the window and roman shade made with warm window fabric; 26 degree difference. 18 degrees outside. The local energy company sends out notices to all homeowners to let you know how you compare to other houses of the same footage and vintage. We are always in the most efficient category.

I have made them for all rooms in our log home, they are so warm, no more window draft. Now I am making them for our cottage at the lake.

I absolutely adore Warm Window. We have the biggest windows to let in light all year round but they also let out a lot of heat (I live in Northern England). I used it horizontally as roman blinds for the bedrooms and kitchen - it's incredible how they don't need the wooden slats and quickly "remember" the tight folds. Also, used it as vertical concertina curtains on all the other windows. They are so neat when folded up on either side of the window, they are really classy. I made them to go right to the floor with magnets to attach to the window frames. They completely stop that convection cycle of high-level warm air cooling on the glass and dropping dropping to the floor as a cold draft. From the second they were put up you could feel the whole place was much warmer. Also, with all our hard floors, it eliminated the echo. We have saved a lot of money on our heating. They are also brilliant black-out curtains which helps with our summer 11pm sunsets/3am sunrises. In summer, we sometimes close a few curtains and you can feel the extraordinary heat trapped between the glass and curtains. Some problems: The ww shrunk a little over the first summer. When vertical, allow 1" wider than the actual. For roman blinds, I spray-glued the top fabric to the warm window so I didn't have to attach with hooks etc. on the folds. I lost a good 1.5" on each drop. I'm devastated that this is now deemed an "old product" and no longer widely available. On my latest trip to the US I found my "local" has stopped selling it. There is no other product anything like it or as easy to use; a dream to sew.

Kim Hopkins
I first made roc lon warm window shades for 6 of my windows probably over 20 years ago. I have one left that needs to be replaced but it is well over 20 years old and the others lasted probably beyond 15. The only thing I will change about this is to use hook and loop rather then magnetic strips as they curled and lost their magnetism over time. However, I work nights and sleep days and these are also t he most effective light blockers ever. I'm getting ready to make a whole new batch!

All of the windows in my house have warm window roman shades. I added a casing and tension rod at the bottom of each so that I could make the bottom of the shade secure inside the window frame. The shades extend an inch beyond the window opening on all sides. Absolute darkness when the bottom rod is secured to the window frame.. great for when headaches strike. When I raise the shades in the summer, a wave of heat comes over me; heat that would have come into the room. The same is when it is cold. When the shade is raised, the wave of cold comes over me from the window. Since we are not home most of the time, the shades keep the heat and cold out. Our utility bills prove it.

Penny Lynn
I made some warm window coverings years ago--two were the roman shade style for the bedroom--and one I did on the track with the slide pull for the huge living room window. It's still lovely and works wonderfully well. I am going to do more for the great room and the Patio Door, like Donna Salquist mentions up there. Thanks, Warm Window!

Bought some and made "curtains" for the inside of our truck canopy. Now if we need to do short term camping without our RV we pull out the platform bed, Velcro the Warm windows fabric to the carpeted interior of the canopy (over the windows) and settle in, all snug and warm.

I made 2 warm window shades in my sons' bedroom many years ago. They loved it and it kept the room so much warmer; it also allowed them to sleep in!?! Now the oldest works nights in a hospital lab and wants warm window shades for his new house because "I miss sleeping in a totally dark room. The sun always leaks through my curtains no matter how insulated they are!"

I LOVE THIS STUFF! We live in a old farm house, still have the old single pane windows. I this stapled to almost every window and have cut my gas bill! It has already paid for itself... LOVE IT! Thanks for a GREAT product!

Gr8 product with very easy to more advanced techniques available

I made 2 shades with warm window fabric. All I did was measure the inside of the frame, cut to fit and make a pocket for a tension rod, top and bottom. I didn't bother to cover the shade as I have curtains on the window. It made a world of difference in helping to keep that room warmer in the winter. A great product.

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